How to attach thread to a crocheted surface

When you are crocheting an amigurumi toy you almost always need to attach a decorative or strong thread to embroider some face features, tighten fingers or a mouth and so on. Many patterns instruct, "attach thread to the middle of the face and backstitch the mouth", or something like that. But it is not always obvious what "attach" means and how you are supposed to do in neatly. 

Download the photo tutorial for 3 simple ways to attach thread to a crocheted piece. Use and share.


Tiny the Monkey - FREE pdf amigurumi pattern

I'm happy to introduce you my Tiny the Monkey free amigurumi crochet toy pattern!

 It is a perfect company to the Tiny the Sheep that I posted earlier in my blog :)

They are both of the same style with wooden beads for legs. And the size is just cool for fast presents.

The pattern includes:

  • Monkey text and photo instructions 
  • tutorial on small details sewing
  • how to tighten beads to make eyes
  • how to make face