How I create new toys
… or a story how I didn't want to crochet for Halloween… and had to finish a Pumpkin box…

As a matter of fact I wanted to crochet so many things and all of them right now J The Halloween bright colors are so inspiring! Orange with green pumpkins, violet hats, black and orange contrasts. And that’s why I couldn’t start doing anything.

Besides I had a half done pumpkin box that I had postponed till next Halloween a year ago. So I was sure that I should start designing for Halloweens with finishing this Pumpkin…
I hate all these “must” and “should” in designing! That’s why I started something that had nothing at all to do with Halloween. I renewed Swiper the Fox pattern! Crocheted a new toy, taking new step by step photos…

Swiper the Fox crochet toy amugurumi pattern by Masha Pogorielova mashutkalu

I got a nice pattern J that’s true
But who needs Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer cartoon without its main character Dora?
Unfinished Pumpkin box still continued to refuse to become finished …
But Dora Doll was designed in one breath:

Dora the Explorer crochet toy amigurumi pattern by mashutkalu

To check out the pattern I had to crochet another Dora from it… But it was a little boring and not inspiring at all… So I did the Dora doll in Pumpkin outfit. Changed the head size, eyes, made it a little higher but sill checked out the Dora pattern!

Pumpkin Doll pattern crocheted amugurumi doll designed by mashutkalu

It would be great…  but my husband told that it is too fat to be a pretty girl :(
I am still sure that not every doll should be thin like a Barbie especially if it is a pumpkin!

But! I have already had another doll idea in my mind that demanded to be embodied as soon as possible!

And in two afternoons I had already had a slim Pumpkin Girl!

amigurumi doll pumpkin pattern, crocheted toy pattern by mashutkalu

 And it also needed to be checked out… And to do it I needed to crochet it one more time… And my Dora still needed Monkey the Boots design. And I still had my unfinished pumpkin box which whereabouts was a complete mystery to me.

So. I decided at least to find it.   And guess what? I had found! But not the half crocheted pumpkin but an almost finished penguin!  Here I must say my penguins with big eyes are my favorites! So I got him! Halloween Penguin!

Halloween patterns, crocheted penguin toy, amigurumi penguin pattern by mashutkalu

And it still doesn’t look much like the pumpkin box that should be finished

But! I already have a wonderful cauldron, witch hat, broom and a great idea how to check out the Pumpkin Girl pattern without making another pumpkin!

Crochet toy witch amigurumi pattern by mashutkalu

And Now I have a bunch of new patterns and one half done Pumpkin Box once again put off till the next Halloween.