Crocheted amigurumi sheep

I have just finished crocheting 20 fluffy sheep in headphones. I love to work with big orders. It is possible to crochet a lot of bodies, then heads... and last night... last sewings... and at once 20 different creatures are looking at you from the desk! :)

crocheted amigurumi sheep

A lot of photos:

crocheted toys patterns sheep

These orange sheep are my favorite! They are so soft and bright!

An it was fun to take photos of them! 

crocheted sheep in headphones by mashutkalu

crocheted sheep amigurumi pattern

crochet orange sheep in headphones amigurumi pattern

grey cute sheep amigurumi toys

They are made from my Daisy the Sheep pattern .  Now I'm working and the renewed pattern that will include the headphones and pipe cleaners inside the legs. 

Hope you will like it as well as the Daisy pattern! 

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  1. These are the most adorable critters I've ever seen. Can't wait to try my hand at them.