Tassels in amigurumi crocheting - hair, clothes, tails, feathers

In the previous post I Have showed how to attach tassels.But what are tassels for in amigurumi crocheting apart from the well known hair making? If you are a clothes crocheter you usually use tassels to make different sorts of fringe decoration. But with crocheted toys, tassels can be almost anything!

1. Hair. Of course, you can just attach pieces of yarn to the head and the hair is made. But if you want the hair to be thick and nice you should either attach really lots of tassels or:
  • Attach a few strands of thin yarn at one go (more hair less work)
  • Attach thick yarn tassels but then separate each piece to strands (you’ll get thick, beautiful curly hair)
  • Comb the tassels till they are evenly fluffy (my favorite dolls’ hair! looks like wool for felting)