How to attach tassels - tutorial (Toy's hair or decor)

One of the most common ways to make hair to your crocheted doll is to attach separate pieces of yarn as tassels. Here I'll show you how to attach tassels to a crocheted detail and in a next post I'll demonstrate how I use them in quite a creative way 😊 You can also download this tutorial as one jpg file.

  1. Cut your yarn into pieces 2 required lengths + 1 or 2 centimeters. For example, if you want the hair to be about 10 cm long, cut the yarn into 22 cm pieces. Fold a piece pf yarn in half to form a loop.
  2. With a hook draw the loop through the stitch you are attaching the tassel to.
  3. Draw both loose ends through this stitch. Pull until both ends are completely out.
  4. Pull both ends to tighten the knot. You can trim the ends do the are even.
  5. You can leave the tassels as the are now. Or you can separate each piece of yarn to strands to make them curly. Or toss each yarn piece with a thick comb to make them fluffy (I'll show how cool it looks in the next post!)

If you find this tutorial useful download it as one file. Feel free to share! 

Enjoy crocheting! 

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