American Indian and Leprechaun - new patterns are already in my shop

I'm happy to introduce you my new penguins patterns. Now they are the American Indian Penguin and Leprechaun Penguin. You can find these patterns in my Patterns section. And here I want to tell you how they where created.

I had wanted to make a Leprechaun Penguin for a long time. Since I saw how cute he looked in the violet Halloween Hat I had been thinking how to design the one in green. But couldn't figure out what else to add into the pattern.

And then suddenly I bump into some photos from old crocheting magazines with free form patterns. And they include this rounded shape suggested to be a firm button. Perfect for golden coins! And as it is the middle of February all social medias are full with hearts (oh! they remind me of a lucky clover!). And in just a few days I have this cute green guy! :) (and a bunch of thrown away green hats, and a lot of different 'tries' for clover, and some cool ideas what else I could do with this amazing coin shape)

The story of the American Indian creation is much simpler :)

I just wanted to try out how I could possibly use post double crochets in an amigurumi pattern.

I didn't manage to push post dcs into any pumpkin patterns :) as I initially was trying to. SO... the only other thing that came to my mind was Wigwam.

The wigwam required someone to live in it and the American Indian was born. But the photos looked quite boring and "demanded" something bright... So I added bright fire :)

Actually I'm often asked where I get my ideas. The story is quite different every time :) Sometimes I bump into a picture that catches my mind. Sometimes, I just need to check some pattern or a part and don't want to just crochet the exactly same design twice. Some toys were designed as a specific order or gift. But my favorites are usually born when I'm trying to avoid doing something that I must be doing at that time :) . Then I design my best toys, clean my apartment, reorganize yarn books or crochet multicolored snails (don't know why as I forget to put them for sale or even take photos most of the time...)


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