Coming soon... Panda driving amigurumi pattern

panda pattern amigurumi
It's fun how designing of quite a simple toy can sometimes require crocheting so many details!

I had lots of difficult crocheted toys that I did from the first time or just with a few changes.

But this amigurumi Panda made me do 7 upper paws! 2 heads, 2 bodies, 5 ears, 5 legs. And I haven't even counted the number of different black spots for eyes that I tried to choose the best size and shape.

But now my little Panda driver is finished! And even the draft of the pattern! Masha is happy ))

My Panda should be driving. As it is a present for my driving instructor.

But I thought that pandas are not always driving (...sometimes they eat...). So I added a bamboo twig to my pattern as well.
The pattern is already written and filled with pictures.  A few girls are trying it out and checking. Then I'll be translating it into English. Now it looks like this

Quick and easy to crochet! I hope you will like my Panda Driver (or bamboo eater? :) )

I plan to add it to my etsy shop in a week or so

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